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Quick Glance- 

● Iran attacked missiles on Pakistan-based militant group Jaysh Al Adl. 

● Earlier, Iran also launched missiles at Iraq and Syria. 

● These attacks can create tension and instability in the Middle East.

Why Iran Launched Missiles on Pakistan?

The state media of Iran said on Tuesday that Iran’s military Revolutionary Guards have attacked the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Iran used drones and missiles to attack the Pakistan-based militant group Jaysh Al Adl. Iran alleges that this militant group causes disturbances in Iran. 

Pakistan said that it was an attack on its sovereignty and called it unprovoked violence. The foreign ministry of Pakistan threatens Iran with facing the consequences of this airstrike. In this attack, two children have died and three more people have been injured. 

Pakistan, in retaliation, launched missiles on Iran under the operation Marg bar Sarmachar, which led to the deaths of 10 Iranian citizens. Earlier, Pakistan expelled the ambassador of Iran and recalled the Pakistan ambassador from Iran.

Information about Balochistan:

Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the largest province, with a total area of 3.47 lakh square kilometers. It shares a boundary with Iran and Afghanistan. The total population of Balochistan is about 18–19 million. The capital city of Balochistan is Quetta. It is to be noted that in Balochistan, there are many militant groups that demand freedom from Pakistan.

What is Jaysh Al-Adl? 

Jaysh Al Dhulm is a militant group founded in 2012. It is based in Pakistan. The meaning of Jaysh Al Dhulm is Army of Justice. This group was earlier part of Al Qaeda. We all know that in Islam there are two main branches: Shia and Sunni. Iran is a Shia country. 

In Sistan and Baluchestan, which is a province of Iran, the majority of the population resides in Baloch, who are basically Sunnis. Jaysh Al Dhulm is also a Sunni Muslim. So, it has attacked Iran many times in the past by saying that it badly treats the Baloch people residing in Iran. 

Iran’s attack on Syria and Iraq: 

On Monday, Iran also launched ballistic missiles on the headquarters of Mossad in Iraq and targeted an anti-Iranian terror group, ISIS, in Syria. Mossad is an intelligence agency in Israel. Iran gave an explanation for this attack by saying that Iran did it for its own security.

Reactions from other countries:

  1. India indirectly supports Iran in this conflict. The Indian Foreign Ministry said that we have zero tolerance against terrorism, and Iran has the right to do so to secure its borders.
  1. China has a neutral stance on this border dispute. It appealed to both countries to maintain peace at their borders.

3. The United States is in complete support of Pakistan. It condemns Iran’s attack on multiple countries as it violates the sovereignty of the countries.

4. The Russian Foreign Ministry asks both countries to restore the earlier situation at the borders and resolve the conflict through diplomacy.

This attack by Iran on Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan can create instability and tension in the Middle East countries.

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