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● The Nobel Prize for 2023 has been awarded. 

● Narges Mohammadi won the Nobel Peace Prize. 

● Jon Fosse was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

2023 Nobel Prize Winners:

The winners of 2023 Nobel Prize have been announced. In six days, six awards were announced. These Nobel Awards are given to writers, scientists, journalists, social workers, human rights activists, and economists. The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award given to those who contribute to the welfare of mankind. 

Nobel Prize History 

The idea to give these awards was that of the inventor Alfred Nobel. After the death of Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Foundation was set up. These awards were given for the first time in 1901. Until 1969, these awards were given in only five fields. But in 1969, economics was also included by the Riksbank of Sweden. 

The Nobel Prize can be given either to an individual or an institution. It can be shared by two or three people. The Nobel Prize is given at the beginning of the month of October. People around the world submit their nominations for the Nobel Prize. 

There are a total of six fields in which the Nobel is given. 

1. The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 

2. The Nobel Prize for Physics 

3. The Nobel Prize for Medicine 

4. The Nobel Prize for Literature 

5. The Nobel Prize for Economics 

6. The Nobel Prize for Peace 

It is to be noted that the Nobel Prize in all fields is given by Sweden, except peace. The Nobel Prize in Peace is given by Norway. 

What Nobel Prize winners get?

➔ Gold Medal 

➔ A diploma certificate 

➔ A sum of money that depends on the income of the Nobel Foundation every year This year, $900,000 will be given to each recipient. 

2023 Nobel Prize Winner List: 

● The Nobel Prize in Physics 

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics is given to three scientists, Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L’Huillier, for creating ultra-short pulses of light. 

Last year, this was given to three scientists, Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger, for their work experimenting with entangled photons. They established that the entanglement phenomenon is real and can be used in advanced computing, secure encrypted communication, or teleportation. 

● The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 

This year, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is given to three scientists, 

Moungi G. Bawendi 

Louis E. Brus 

Alexei I. Ekimov 

for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots. 

In 2022, Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and K. Barry Sharpless jointly won this award for the development of Click Chemistry. Their work will be helpful in cancer treatment and the medical sciences. 

What is Click Chemistry? 

Click chemistry is a process in which two molecules can be synthesized under mild conditions to produce a new product that can be easily isolated. 

● The Nobel Prize in Economics 

Claudia Goldin has won this Yeats’s Nobel Prize in economics for her studies that depicts the role of women in labour industry in the last 200 years. The Nobel Prize in 2022 was given to three people jointly in economic sciences. Ben S. Bernanke, Douglas W. Diamond, and Philip

H. Dybvig They have won the Nobel Prize because of their research on the workings of banks in the financial crisis. Their research tells us how to regulate banks and manage financial crises. They have exhibited the importance of countering widespread bank collapses. 

● The Nobel Peace Prize 

The Nobel Peace Prize this year is given to the jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi. She is fighting against the oppression of women in Iran. 

The Nobel Peace Prize 2022 was awarded to an individual and two other organizations. Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski from Belarus won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Russian human rights organization Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties also got this award. The Nobel Peace Prize is given by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. 

● The Nobel Prize in Literature 

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature is given to the Norwegian author Jon Fosse “for his innovative plays and prose that give voice to the unsayable.” 

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the French author Annie Ernaux “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements, and collective restraints of personal memory”. In her work, Annie Ernaux examines a life marked by strong disparities regarding gender, language, and class. 

● The Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 

The Nobel Assembly has decided to award 2023 Nobel Prize jointly to Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman for the discovery that helped in the development of the mRNA vaccine against COVID 19. 

In 2022, Svante Paabo was awarded an award in medicine for his research into the evolution of humans. He discovered an unknown human species called the Denisovans

Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2023?

Three scientists, Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L’Huillier, won the Nobel Prize in physics.

Who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2023?

Jon Fosse from Norway won the Nobel Prize in literature “for his innovative plays and prose, which give voice to the unsayable.”

Who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2023?

yet to be announced.

Who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2023?

This year, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is given to three scientists: Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Brus, and Alexei I. Ekimov, for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots.

Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023?

Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting against the oppression of women in Iran.

Who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2023?

Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery, which helped in the development of an MRNA vaccine against COVID 19.

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