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Russian Military Invasion in Ukraine

Russia started a military operation in Ukraine on 24th February, 2022. Russia two days ago also divided the country into 3 parts : Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk. In Russian Military Invasion in Ukraine, more than 10 people have died and many have been injured.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that it will never attack residential areas. He also said that the army of Ukraine should surrender and Russia has no motive to acquire Ukraine. Russia’s operation is a response to threats coming from Ukraine by joining NATO. The tanks of Russia are roaming the roads of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced martial law in the country. Ukrainian citizens are buying food items at convenience stores. There is a great hue and cry in the ATMs. People started leaving the capital city, Kiev. Ukraine claimed that 50 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war and 5 Russian aircraft have been destroyed.

In Russian Military Invasion in Ukraine, the airbase of Ukraine has been destroyed by Russian missiles. Russia besieged Ukraine from three sides: in the northern side from Belarus; in the south from Cremia, and in the west from Russia itself.


World Leader’s View on War: 

US President Joe Biden tweeted, ‘The prayers of the world are with the people of Ukraine. They suffered an unjustified attack by Russian military forces. The US will meet with G7 countries tomorrow to discuss the matter.’

China openly came in support of Russia and said that Russia’s military operations are not an invasion as Russia was provoked by the US.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also condemned this action taken by Russia. The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg said that “the attack by Russia is a breach of international law.”

Turkish President Erdogan also rejected Russia’s military operation as it blows regional stability and peace.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in India Igore Polikha asked for India’s help as India has great diplomatic relations with Russia.


What is the root cause of Ukraine and Russian war?

The root cause of Ukraine and Russian war is that Ukraine wanted to join the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to secure its territory from Russia. But on the other hand, Russia did not want Ukraine to be the member of NATO. Ukraine wanted to be the member of NATO because;

Article 5 of NATO charter states that If any country attacks on one of its allies, then NATO members will collectively attack on that country.

Article 10 of NATO charter states that membership is open to any European states, but the decision to give membership to any country is in the hands of North Atlantic Council. It is a decision making body of NATO.


What is NATO?

NATO was founded in 1949 in Washington DC by 12 countries. The main objective to establish NATO was to secure the North-Atlantic countries from future attacks. The head quarter of NATO is in Brussels. The founder countries were;

The United Kingdom
The United States

Ukraine vs Russia Military Power:

In the GlobalFire Power Index Russia stands at 2nd rank and Ukraine stands at 22nd rank out of 140 countries in the world. 

                                         Russia                                                    Ukraine                                      

Troops                           8.5 lakhs                                                    2 lakhs 

Aircrafts                      4173                                                             318 

Trainers Aircrafts    522                                                               71 

Tanks                            12,420                                                         2596 

Naval Fleet                 605                                                              38 

Submarine                 70                                                                 0 

Destroyers                 15                                                                  0 

Frigates                       11                                                                  1 


What are the immediate effects of war?

  • Prices of crude oil have increased above $100 per barrel.
  • There is a 2% rise in prices of gold.
  • The share markets of the world have crashed.
  • There is a hike in the prices of natural gas.



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